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We (Chris Jones, Vasco Gomes, Rob Owen and Jon Owen) are joining our friend Craig on a bike ride from Cardiff to Paris to support him in every way we can. Any donation no matter how small will help so please donate.

Setting off from Cardiff on Monday 24th July, we will embark on a 530km cycle over 4 days. Making our way to Frome on night 1 and on to Portsmouth on day 2. An overnight ferry gets us to Caen on the morning of day 3 where we set off on our final 260km push to Paris…. Trying to keep up with Craig along the way!

In September 2022, Craig Maxwell was diagnosed with a rare form of genetic lung cancer that he would later learn was an inoperable and incurable stage 4 diagnosis. Following this devastating news, Craig set himself a fundraising goal that he hopes will raise significant funds for the QuicDNA (cancer genomics) project - an area that could dramatically impact the diagnosis of lung cancer in Wales.

This project aims to reduce the time it takes to diagnose lung cancer and improve access to better cancer treatments through the use of a new, innovative liquid biopsy technique using a simple blood test. The QuicDNA project could see Wales become the first nation in the UK to routinely use liquid biopsy for all patients suspected of having incurable lung cancer. In addition to supporting this specific Quic DNA project, Craig will be raising funds for Velindre Cancer Centre who are currently caring for him and his family.